Family Law

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Family Law

Pardue Law Group understands that you need one trusted source for all of your legal needs. That is why we continue to help our clients when they are facing such emotional legal issues. We understand that a family law issue can be the most stressful time that some will endure and that is why it is so important to have an experienced and compassionate attorney representing you.


We understand that the decision to file for a divorce is a difficult one. That is why we at Pardue Law Group strive to reduce your stress while you are going through the legal process of divorce. We will work with you to establish what is most important to you and we will try to protect you from future disputes.


Custody can refer to “legal custody,†“physical custody†or both. Legal custody generally refers to a parent’s ability to remain involved in a child’s life, have access to pertinent records and participate in life decisions. Physical custody generally refers to where the child will live the majority of the time. Parenting time and visitation are generic legal terms that indicate the actual days and times a parent will spend with their children during and after divorce.

Child Support

Kentucky statutes have specific child support guidelines based on the combined gross income of the parents. Please call us for more details about child support guidelines.

Property Division

During the marriage, both sides acquire assets and liabilities. You must assign which assets are either marital or non-marital and then equitably divide marital property. Equitable division refers to the process of how the assets and debts will be divided. The court will apply the law of equity so that a fair solution can be determined by the facts and circumstances of each case.


Circumstances often change and an award that was appropriate in the past may no longer be adequate for the current situation. In the event of a change in circumstance, a modification may be necessary. Alimony, child custody, child support, and visitation can all be modified. However, the right to modify alimony is frequently waived by agreement.